I know you're probably wondering how i got here, My father drowned me when i was 8.....ok chilll!!...just figured i'd start out like a BET movie real quick 🤣 ...but Fun fact: i love swimming, mostly because it's one of the few things that remind me of something i used to be afraid of but became my therapy, my dad did drown me when i was 8, it was at this deep ass pool in enugu (nigeria) , it was one of those membership only clubs, i can probably stand in that pool now, well...on my dad drowning me, it wasn't abusive or anything (sorry its not a millenial tragedy story), it was more of a mufasa/simba moment, like "my son, this is how you stay afloat in life, you must be calm but remain in control", since then, i just loved the fact that water gives me the brief fear of its vastness and the gravity defying feeling of nothingness, in that one moment, ultimate fear and complete freedom and relief.

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