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The valuum in value

i had a conversation with a friend today about beauty and the question ....does a thing have to be seen or acknowledged to be beautiful?, and the answer is clearly a no, yet so many of us are plagued by thoughts of being undesirable and unwanted because we aren't constantly bombarded like those we envy, think of those hole in the walls you love or classics you stan, you can go searching for hours for who feels the same way about that one thing you find so beautiful but its not so publicly desired or wanted, yet it remains a beauty. this universe, its paint splatters in constellations and spills in milky ways...all of it are remnants, call it negative spaces....if you wish but none the less neglected vast beauty only acknowledged when magnified like pieces of this collection, people have asked, how did i come up with the colors i used or textures, stunned and attracted to images and visuals i would otherwise have thrown away.

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