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Chaos, order and cheese

... I've spent a majority of my short life trying to understand chaos and if it really is or just a trojan horse for genius, confusion to get the hostile thought from point A to B, a universe ethereal beings can navigate freely while we focus on comets, seeing as some scientist believe this entire thing was born out of sheer chaos but some of it still has order, a sort of method to the madness. Human Forces like fela seemed exactly like that, he seemingly moved with action, spoke with aggression and thunder in his words, threw keys, chords and his hands with what looked like chaos but rhythm with so much order that white poeple ran half way accross the world to see, shedding what he had learnt from them to fuse the organic african sound, all the while crying one thing and the only way i can rephrase it is..."we had a voice before you took it away from us", so what to do, lose ourselves in it or be a force as he was but thats not effective in a capitalist world, thoughts to be continued• #slimsdaily

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