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ubuntu is a zulu word i think, means something along the lines of the betterment of  humanity or sort of human centered creation, a couple of years ago when i was experimenting with os's (operating systems) i came across this os called ubuntu, i installed it on one partition of my system, to my surprise...ubuntu functioned with so much ease and simplicity, it was basically apples graphic interface but open source friendly like and if not more than microsoft, but weirdly enough, it never actually got mainstream noteriety and seems to be like the least known os, imagine an, available, open and easy to use, user first kind of rhetoric but users were either all mac or microsoft, my point.....just because its popular doesn't mean it great and just because its great doesn't mean it has to be popular, sometimes simple is better, sometimes great work goes unnoticed even when it seems like whats the best, still doesn't change the intent and functionality of the work, all means lets all be creative, but lets not take out the human element of it, the part that doesn't turn us into machines, forcing us to churn out work that numbs out actual passion, the part thats patient...and most of all ....functional.

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