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Born and raised in Nigeria, moved to America in 2006 and currently based in New York. Comedian, visual artist and producer, "Ike slimster" an alias under which he uses to explore his fields of interest from art, music, comedy to design. Ike slimster has freelanced for about 7 years as a comedian, content creator and artist for brands and companies alike. He has grown a social following fusing all his skillsets to produce his fashion and pop culture related content on and off the internet.

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Art and graphic design are also passions of mine, the design  which I use to create book covers, logos, media decks, corporate brand guides, and set designs, the art already but here are examples of my graphic design 

film making and production, I edit and create using motion picture for story-telling, i have edited and produced, short films and documentaries alike, here are some examples:



I produce music for artists, documentaries and

occasionally scores, my production credits span

across genres such as EDM, hip hop, soul, r&b,

here's a link to some of my work 

I write and perform standup comedy, sometimes channel

the comedy into online content for ads and entertainment,

here's an example 

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